#iHate Any College Football Team Not Named “The University of Tennessee”

Hate is a strong word. But I hate any college football team not named “The University of Tennessee”. I’m a basketball guy to the core. It gives me life and strength. But there is nothing that will ever be able to compare to Knoxville tailgating, the Vol Walk and players running through the Power T. I get fired up just thinking about it. At the risk of being a lil’ extra, it’s slightly orgasmic. This ain’t no “this is our year” message. Every year is our year. We take the good with the bad and support our team no matter what. Which is infinitely more than I can say for all of you bandwagon and fair weather fans out there. I bleed orange and will ride with my dudes until the wheels fall off. Thursday can’t get here soon enough. It’s goin’ down. Just like your grandma’s basement. Just like Nelly in his Range Rover. If I ever have a son, I’m going to name him Peyton Tee Neyland #iHateMondaysJustLikeMyDad Herring. And dare anyone to say something about it. Every time I see someone from East Tennessee that likes another team, I literally want to vomit. You all are the worst kind of people. If there’s ever a real life Purge, just know that I’m coming for you. To my Vol family, let’s do this.









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