#iHate Lazy Coworkers

Hate is a strong word. But I hate lazy coworkers. You wanna talk about something that really sticks in my craw. There ain’t nothin’, and I mean nothin’, more frustrating than having to deal with that one person who holds you up during that 57.46% of your time at work that you actually want to get something done. You know the person I’m referring to. The one where half your time is spent trying to figure out how they keep their job, and the other half is spent trying to figure out how in the holy hell they got there in the first place. I want absolutely no dealings with this person. Not an email or phone call. I don’t want to talk to them by the coffee pot, and I couldn’t care less how their weekend was. I will do more work just to not have to collaborate with them on a project, and I will be an active participant in any conversation regarding their lack of skill, talent and effort.  Everything about their existence irks me. Even if they do something well, I can’t praise them. Because they pretty much suck at everything else. Additionally, they almost always have at least one accompanying bad trait (i.e. body odor, bad breath, annoying voice, etc.). And just so we’re on the same page, if you can’t think of the person I’m describing……………….it’s you.





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