#iHate Adults Who Brag About High School Accomplishments

Hate is a strong word. But I hate people that still brag about high school accomplishments. For what? Absolutely no one cares. No one. If you’re still talking to me about how great (at anything) you were in the 90’s, you ain’t done much with your life. Yeah, I know you were an excellent athlete. A true 3-sport star. So what. Unless you used that natural ability to get an education, it doesn’t mean much. And it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t at least talk to young people about making the same mistakes you did. Yeah, I know you used to be fine in high school. You had all the girls/guys. But your day has come and gone. And it didn’t last very long. Now you look like Lil Kim and Christopher Walken’s lovechild. I believe the phrase is “rode hard and put up wet”. Yeah, I know you had the fancy car and more money in your pocket than the rest of your classmates. But life changes when mommy and daddy stop footin’ the bill. I see that ’94 Ford Explorer ain’t poppin’ like it used to be. Believe me, I wasn’t envious then and I’m not hatin’ now (well, kinda). It just goes to show how life twists around. I remember me and Darren Osborne asking ourselves one of life’s eternal questions:  Is it better to be a “has been” or a “never was”? I honestly don’t know. But I do know that these bills keep comin’ every month, and nothing I did multiple decades ago does anything to help pay them.





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