#iHate Lazy Coworkers

Hate is a strong word. But I hate lazy coworkers. You wanna talk about something that really sticks in my craw. There ain’t nothin’, and I mean nothin’, more frustrating than having to deal with that one person who holds you up during that 57.46% of your time at work that you actually want to get something done. You know the person I’m referring to. The one where half your time is spent trying to figure out how they keep their job, and the other half is spent trying to figure out how in the holy hell they got there in the first place. I want absolutely no dealings with this person. Not an email or phone call. I don’t want to talk to them by the coffee pot, and I couldn’t care less how their weekend was. I will do more work just to not have to collaborate with them on a project, and I will be an active participant in any conversation regarding their lack of skill, talent and effort.  Everything about their existence irks me. Even if they do something well, I can’t praise them. Because they pretty much suck at everything else. Additionally, they almost always have at least one accompanying bad trait (i.e. body odor, bad breath, annoying voice, etc.). And just so we’re on the same page, if you can’t think of the person I’m describing……………….it’s you.





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#iHate Adults Who Brag About High School Accomplishments

Hate is a strong word. But I hate people that still brag about high school accomplishments. For what? Absolutely no one cares. No one. If you’re still talking to me about how great (at anything) you were in the 90’s, you ain’t done much with your life. Yeah, I know you were an excellent athlete. A true 3-sport star. So what. Unless you used that natural ability to get an education, it doesn’t mean much. And it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t at least talk to young people about making the same mistakes you did. Yeah, I know you used to be fine in high school. You had all the girls/guys. But your day has come and gone. And it didn’t last very long. Now you look like Lil Kim and Christopher Walken’s lovechild. I believe the phrase is “rode hard and put up wet”. Yeah, I know you had the fancy car and more money in your pocket than the rest of your classmates. But life changes when mommy and daddy stop footin’ the bill. I see that ’94 Ford Explorer ain’t poppin’ like it used to be. Believe me, I wasn’t envious then and I’m not hatin’ now (well, kinda). It just goes to show how life twists around. I remember me and Darren Osborne asking ourselves one of life’s eternal questions:  Is it better to be a “has been” or a “never was”? I honestly don’t know. But I do know that these bills keep comin’ every month, and nothing I did multiple decades ago does anything to help pay them.





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#iHate Hatred

Hate is a strong word. But I hate hatred. No matter your feelings on any of the tragedies that took place in our country, last week was extremely difficult for us all. And it’s up to us to fix it. I’m not going to claim to be any more inspirational or insightful than anyone who has contributed positive and thoughtful posts over the past 6 days. And I don’t have all of the answers. But what I do have is an idea. We all have at least one social media friend that is different than us. Maybe they worship a different God. Maybe their skin color is different. Maybe they have different political views. Maybe you speak with this individual regularly, and maybe you don’t. Reach out to that person. Ask them to meet you for coffee, lunch, adult beverages, or whatever makes sense for the two of you. Sit down with them and ask them how they feel about the challenges America is facing. Be eager to understand and slow to respond. Approach the situation with an open mind and a desire to learn. Be a great listener. Be engaged in the dialogue. Be logical. Be rationale. Be reasonable. Use common sense. If we don’t have the desire and ability to accept that our personal perspective does not mean someone else is wrong, there will be no growth. Without compassionate communication, there will be no progress. If you say you truly want equality, and you firmly believe in “liberty and justice for all”, an hour of your day is a small sacrifice. I promise I will do mine. Also, when my 17-year-old nephew visits me next week, we will have a lesson on best practices when engaging with law enforcement. Because it’s my duty. My hope is that if he does his part, the officer will do theirs. Things don’t always go as planned, but I want to set him up for an optimal level of success in that encounter. I want him to make it home. He has a loving family and his safety and health are of the upmost importance to us. All truly great movements start with the people. With that, I’m proclaiming the 2nd week in July as “National No Hate Week”. This year will be about spreading the message, so please feel free to share this if you are compelled to do so. Next year will focus on events that promote unity and togetherness. I’m sorry I didn’t make you laugh today. But at some point, I have to try to make you think. And this is that point. Mondays are usually reserved for my hatred. But not this week. This week is reserved for peace, love and healing. Change is inevitable. The kind of change is up to us.





#iHate Freeloaders and Moochers

Hate is a strong word. But I hate freeloaders and moochers. You know the ones that don’t bring anything to the party, yet they eat and drink like it’s goin’ outta style. And then got the nerve to axe for a to go plate. Here everyone else is, sacrificing time, energy and money to make sure good times are had by all.  And then you’ve got these clowns with their hand out lookin’ for free stuff. Boy, bye. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you wanna be a part of this, you need to make a contribution. Even if it’s nominal. My momma always told me “there ain’t no sittin’ at the table if you ain’t bringin’ nothin’ to it”. I understand if times are tough. We’ve all been there. But you can come through with somethin’. A block of government cheese, condiment packets from the drive-thru, ice cubes from your freezer, a half used loaf of bread………………..somethin’. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t show up empty-handed and expect to be serviced. You got to pay like you weigh round these parts. And some of y’all thick.





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