#iHate People Who Say There Are No “Good Ones” Left

Hate is a strong word. But I hate people that say there are no “good ones” left.  Let’s make sure we get one thing clear:  If you’re over 27.5 years of age, and you’re still screaming there aren’t any more good men/women available, you need to look in the mirror and realize the problem ain’t them………..it’s you. Yea, I said it. Truth hurts. Every stinkin’ time I log onto social media I see a bunch of negative Nancys and Neils yappin’ about how all men are dogs and all women are the female equivalent.  For the love of the long weekend that is coming upon us, stop it. Quit making bad decisions with regards to who you date. Stop falling for the same kind of loser. When you see the red flags, pump your brakes. And most importantly, listen to your friends when they tell you he/she ain’t no good. We don’t need your semi-weekly emotional vomiting filling up our timeline about how another one has “done you wrong”. You’re doing yourself wrong by being an idiot. Have some personal accountability. Ain’t nobody tell you to fall in love after 12 days. Enjoy being single. Do you (I mean that figuratively, not literally. Unless……..never mind). There are plenty of “good ones” out there. Shouts out to all my married people who got it right and are doing their thing.  Y’all the real MVP’s.





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