#iHate People that talk about how much money they have

Hate is a strong word. But I hate people that talk about how much money they have. Shut up. Don’t even sit down. You don’t deserve to be that comfortable. Just stand there and be silent. Let me go out on a limb and say I represent all of us when I say……….no one cares. Unless you’re talkin’ about puttin’ somethin’ on these bills, I literally could not care less about how much you make or what you claim to have. It doesn’t make you look cool. We’re adults. It makes you look foolish. If you wanna impress me, tell me about your charitable endeavors, or how you’re raising responsible children. But don’t come trynna tell me about your bankroll.  It does nothing for me. And a good percentage of y’all hollerin’ this and that are really bragging about the money and accomplishments of your parents. You ain’t done nothin’. Most people I know that work hard stay quiet and humble. You need to drop your high school insecurities. Those days are gone. And no matter what you say, do or buy, you can’t be retroactively cool. It don’t work like that.





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