#iHate People That Hijack Your Facebook Page

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate people that hijack your Facebook page.  You know exactly how the story goes.  You post a comment, picture, meme, etc., and they don’t agree with it.  So they decide to argue with you and everyone else that has left a remark, in a futile attempt to prove “their point”.  It almost never fails that it’s some loser that you haven’t spoken to since high school.  They have zero facts to back up anything they’ve stated.  Their grammar is almost always poor.  They generally struggle to communicate in complete sentences.  And they will swear until the cows come home that they’re right.  I seriously wonder if any of these fools are gainfully employed.  Because there’s no way in holy hell that they should have that much time on their hands.  Furthermore, no one invited you.  My post was for me and the people that feel me.  That means we don’t need your 2 cents, feedback, opinion, or anything else that requires your involvement in what we’ve going on.  So you can just go back to wherever it is you came from and kick rocks.  Ain’t nobody tryin’ to hear what you got to say.







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