#iHate People That Talk Behind Your Back

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate people that talk behind your back.  The amount of time and energy some people spend worried about what someone else is doing is truly beyond my level of comprehension.  Just sitting around lying, gossiping and speaking on topics of which they have absolutely no knowledge.  Is your life really that boring that the best use of your faculties is to constantly discuss another person’s lifestyle and choices.  You need a hobby and some business.  Why don’t you learn how to knit.  Take up water-coloring.  Improve your thumb wrestling skills.  Go play in traffic.  Just go do something besides all that jabber jawin’.  Anything beats your incessant need to talk to others about what the next person is up to.  If you think you know me, or have something to say, come and ask me.  Don’t go around telling every Thomas, Richard and Henry what you “heard”.  Hear deez.  For anyone that has commentary when my presence is not present, I have only one thing to say, and I ain’t gonna say it no more………………………………..you betta put some RESPECK on my name. 







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