#iHate People That are Offended by Everything

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate people that are offended by everything.  The level of butt-hurtedness  going on nowadays has officially reached epic proportions.  It’s almost like you can’t even give someone a flippin’ compliment without them taking some sort of offense to it.  Last week, I told a random guy that I liked his outfit, and it literally turned into a 15 minute debate of whether or not I was passively aggressively mocking him.  Are you frickin’ kiddin’ me.  Instead of just accepting my genuinely kind words, this fool was more interested in telling me how people should “watch what they say”.  What the what?!? Dude, where I’m from, “I like your outfit” means “I like your frickin’ outfit”.  I’m a grown man and don’t do innuendos or superfluous conversation.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  And what made me even more upset was that he was keeping me from eating my lunch.  I’m not sure of the last time you had hunger pains, but those bad boys are for real.  By the time he got finished, I felt like he owed me an apology and a Snickers, because I’m not myself when I’m hungry.  I guess we now live in a society where honesty and truthfulness are frowned upon.  Even if you are trying to be polite.  Get over yourself and on with your life.  I’m tired of hearing you whine.






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