#iHate filing my taxes.

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate filing my taxes.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m all for paying my part to ensure my fellow Americans have a good education, effective law enforcement, quality roads, and all other services that are paid with public funds.  But looking at the total amount of money the government took in 2015 makes me sick to my stomach.  I literally want to puke right now.  It’d make it somewhat easier if I believed those clowns in Washington were good stewards with my money.  But I believe in Santa Clause riding unicorns before I think that to be true.  I know my money is going into the hands of politicians so they can pay for their yachts, beach homes, private jets and mistresses.  I can’t live that lifestyle because they’ve got their hands all up in my pockets.  Not only does the outcome infuriate me, the process itself is painstaking.  It’s like a mix between a root canal and passing a kidney stone.  If I had to choose between doing my taxes and having my buttocks lit a fire, I’d provide the matches and sleep on my stomach for a few months.  At least Uncle Sam could provide some Vaseline and lipstick before he……………….I won’t even go there.  But you know exactly what I’m thinking. 






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