#iHate People Who Live Vicarioulsy Through Social Media

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate people that live vicariously through social media.  You know exactly the ones I’m talking about.  For some reason, their life isn’t totally fulfilled without them having to portray this unbelievably baller-rific lifestyle they supposedly live.  As if every moment of their existence comes fully equipped with bottles of champagne, designer shoes, red roses and is narrated by Robin Leach.  Child, please.  You ain’t foolin’ nobody.  These clowns seemingly always forget one important fact as they make posts to their #BookofLies (Facebook) and Instagram………………..some of us know you in real life.  We are well aware that those bottles you pop are Andre, not Cristal.  You bought those Christian Louboutin’s at the Saturday morning flea market.  And you only get those roses when your significant other has cheated on you.  Social media is not the place you go to impress people.  None of us really care about what you have (or don’t have).  This is not a movie, and no one is handing out awards.  I’m not saying don’t let us know when you’re living it up, but your incessant need to do so makes you look very insecure.  And just plain silly.  The whole “look at me” mentality is unbecoming and unattractive.  Don’t worry about keeping it real for us.  Do it for yourself.







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