#iHate that I just watched Peyton Manning retire.

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate that I just watched Peyton Manning retire.  We’ll never see another like him.  His command of the offense, dedication to his craft and constant pursuit of excellence were a joy to watch for 22 years.  He revolutionized his position in a way that is comparable only to Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky.  He set an unbelievably high bar, and was an excellent example for all young quarterbacks.  I didn’t tear up like my boy Josh, but I certainly don’t blame anyone that did.  When one of your all-time favorite athletes retires, it’s like a piece of your youth leaving.  And you know that, no matter what, you’ll never get it back.  His level of class was second to none, and he played the game with a vigor and passion that showed a blend of childlike enthusiasm and true professionalism, unlike anything we’ve seen before on the gridiron.  Regardless of the venom and hateration that people are attempting to surround him with, this is his day.  The man should be lauded and saluted for his accomplishments.  Both for what he’s done on the field and how he’s positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people off of it.  I’m honored to say that I’ve met him, and had the chance to speak with him one-on-one.  It was a tremendous moment.  And while I wasn’t fortunate enough to hold his hand like Casey, it’s still something I won’t soon forget.  So Peyton, from all of us to you: thanks for the memories.  We’re all better for having watched you play.  Now, you can ride off into the sunset with another ring on your finger.  Just the way things should be for the Sherriff. 







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