#iHate “Share if you believe” or “Repost and God will bless you”

Hate is a strong word.  But I hate when people post “share if you believe” or “repost and God will bless you”.  What in holy hell are you people talking about?  I mean the literal hell, like the one in the Bible.  I have 30+ years of religious and church experience under my belt, and at no time, and I mean no time, have I seen this trivial act proposed as a prerequisite to get into heaven.  Now, I probably won’t be a first round draft pick into the pearly gates, and I sure as holy hell won’t be living in a penthouse suite if I make the cut.  But I sure as holy hell know that Facebook posting is not a metric of which my eligibility for eternal life will be measured.  Call me crazy (and many have), but I think you have to actually be a good person, and you know, do good stuff if you want to see streets made of gold.  But hey, what in the holy hell do I know.  If you think blessings will come your way simply because you know how to use the buttons on your mouse or your thumbs, you’re not an idiot.  You’re a drunken idiot.  And I’ll take a shot of whatever you’re sippin’.





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